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Natural Ingredients

 – What Our Customers Say –

“While we are having our seasonal limited-time offers, Master Lam Foods was able to meet our international QC standards. The ingredients provided helped us to localize and expand our audience group. Based on our R&D, Master Lam Foods gave us valuable advice on the best way of using the ingredients.”

Translated: “Women and seniors from our social enterprise all praise the use of Master Lam Foods ingredients for saving time and effort, and for crafting the nostalgic taste of traditional pastries!”

“Master Lam Foods provides a great source of premium and all natural ingredients for our seasonal menus, helping us in crafting healthy and delectable items that complement our matcha drinks.”

 – Latest Activities –


香港餐飲展RBHK 2018 - 餐飲界精英不可錯過的年度盛事 2018年9月4 - 6日 | 香港會議展覽中心 中港澳三地專業餐飲業買家絕不會錯過的年度盛事「香港餐飲展RBHK」即將強勢回歸,今年起更由餐飲展覽「HOFEX」及「Gourmet…

2018 May 23rd to 25th China Bakery Exhibition

Master Lam Foods Ltd will be exhibiting at the 22nd Guangzhou Bakery Exhibition between the captioned dates. You are cordially invited to visit us for our latest product offerings. Booth-2.1Hall 2B18 Please contact us if you require…
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