Product Unique Value Propositions

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Our products pass through rigorous food safety laboratory tests. Our process, products and facilities are audited regularly by government regulatory bodies as well as our most demanding customers. We are trusted by multinational food enterprises.

Achieve Stability

Agricultural product properties naturally fluctuate with the seasons. Using modern food technology we are able to minimize the variations so that you can guarantee your customers consistent high quality foods.

Guarantee Quality

Our philosophy is to retain and bring out the natural flavours and goodness of our premium raw materials while meeting other logistical and operational requirements for commercial applications. Choose Master Lam Foods and use the same ingredients as we supply to multinational food enterprises to instantly elevate your product qualities.

Reduce and Manage Costs

Our standardized packaged ingredients help to reduce wastage, control formulation and costs, and reduce labour needs.

Increase Sales and Seize Opportunities

Agricultural ingredients are perishable but our process and packaging technology allow for very long storage periods so that you are always ready to meet unexpected demands.

Serve All Customers

Our standard product ranges are served to a large range of customers with orders are large as tonnes to as small as cartons. Regardless of whether your order comes from our GS1 EDI interface or through our SME online store, we are committed to serving you the best we can.